Friday, August 22, 2014

Source links to facts in Common Core presentation

BCCEO website:

BCCEO letter of support to BCPS teachers:

Common Core standards:

Fed Ed meets Corp Ed meets Non-Profit Ed:

Gates Foundation funding of Common Core:

How did CCSS come about in MD?
(see links referenced in article.)

Grants that funded CCSS:

ESEA waivers used as incentive to sign-on to CCSS:

Title I funding as incentive to sign-on to CCSS:

RTTT reforms:

Enabling legislation:

States signed on before standards released:

MSDE sets education policy and LEAs must comply:

MSDE budget:

BCPS curriculum issues:

SUPES Academy:

PARCC technology upgrades:



Gates Foundation funds PTA, NEA, AFT to push CCSS:

STAT program (electronic devices):

Legislation limits liability in event of data breach of MLDS:  HB1342 and SB945 of 2013

Data collected birth to late twenties:

TABCO warns of teacher exodus:

Cloud computing:

Contractors profiling students:

MDS3 survey and passive consent:

RTTT funding vs. CCSS Implementation Costs:
(see page 3 paragraph 5)




COMAR education article:

Parental rights:

Assessment opt out:

The Baltimore County Coalition for Education Oversight   ~