Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I did it! I finished my 82-mile bike ride for grassroots activism!

On Saturday, July 2, I rode my bike the entire 41-mile length of the Torrey Brown Hike & Bike Trail in Northern Baltimore County up and back, for a total of 82 miles.  The trail runs from Phoenix MD to York PA.
Just starting out at Ashland.  Photo: Phil Miller

Since the fundraiser was self-created, I had family, friends, and political colleagues verify my ride at stops all along the route and take pictures.  My friend and next door neighbor, Ellen, was able to ride 30 miles with me even though she is still recovering from knee surgery.  She wanted to do more, but I wouldn't let her!

Mom and me at Monkton.  Photo: Roy Wagner

How long did it take?  This was the longest bike ride I had ever done, and I was hoping to complete it in nine hours, including stops for bathroom and meals.  I finished in nine hours and two minutes!

Monkton.  Photo: Roy Wagner

About the trail.  The trail is beautiful, and the sights include many historic markers and buildings and even a couple of railroad museums.  The trail was created along the line of the Northern Central Railroad, for which my grandfather had worked until Hurricane Agnes in 1972 destroyed enough of the track and structures that the railroad was inoperable.

White Hall.  Photo: Ellen Rozics

Thank you to all.  I want to thank everyone who contributed to the cause of conservative grassroots activism, and a special thank you to those who gave up a portion of their weekend to cheer me on.  Below is a list of my verifiers.

How much did I raise?  I raised just under $3,000 to date, with a few belated pledges still coming in.

York PA, the turnaround point with Ellen.  Photo: Phil Miller

What will I do with the contributions?  All contributions will go to support the efforts and initiatives I undertake as a conservative grassroots activist.  Right now, my concentration until the fall 2012 election will be overturning the Dream Act, SB167.  I was a county coordinator in that historic and overwhelmingly successful petition to referendum.  The next battle in that war will be the litigative phase and voter outreach.  We are up against state and national money from the ACLU, CASA de Maryland, the Maryland Catholic Conference, and the Democratic National Committee.  If you are interested in donating directly to that effort, please go to www.mdpetitions.com.

Other important efforts are redistricting, to ensure a fair and constitutional process and quality representation.  I'm also doing presentations to clubs all over the state on Citizen Outreach, and I'm assistant to the chairman of Voter Registration for the Maryland Republican Party.  On the horizon is the special session, which is sure to bring surprises.  And I will continue to write about the political happenings in Baltimore County and Maryland on Examiner.com.  Please consider subscribing for free email updates to my articles by clicking the "subscribe" button on my Homepage on Examiner.com:

Hanover Junction.  Photo: John Wagner

Where to send contributions.  Please make out your contribution check to:  Conservative Grassroots For Ann Miller.  I am fundraising under my campaign account for central committee.  The check can be mailed to:  3 Fairwood View Court, Phoenix, MD  21131.  I'll be emailing out a reminder of your pledge amount.  Thanks so much for your support!

Phoenix, just two miles to go!  Photo: Dan McAndrew

Thank you to Bob & Trish Date of RITTENHOUSE ENERGY SERVICES for their generous support!
Rittenhouse Energy Services

Authority: Conservative Grassroots For Ann Miller; Phil Miller, Treasurer.


  1. Great pictures - we're glad you finished (and in this heat, it must have been a tough day!) Congratulations, Sandi and Gordon

  2. Congratulations Ann!

    Never doubted you would finish in the time frame you allotted.


  3. Fantastic!!!! This is quite an achievement.