Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sample Assessment Refusal Letter from parent to school




RE:  MSA assessment refusal

Dear [principal]:

Per our phone conversation, we are refusing to permit [child] to participate in MSA testing during this school year.

I ask he be given an alternate assignment during the testing administration and request excused tardiness for the primary testing dates.  If anything further is required of me in order to ensure his non-participation, you can reach me by phone in time for me to address the issue.

To explain my reasons for refusal is immaterial, as the MSDE has not recognized parental objection as a valid criterion for exemption or excusal.

Please be reassured that my frustration and refusal is not at all a reflection of any blame placed on the shoulders of my children’s teachers or school. I empathize in the situation in which this puts you.  You have explained to me your obligations in this process and they are understood.  I hope my obligations as a parent are understood as well.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Parent of [child], [grade]

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